Highly specialized professionals using state-of-the-art technology and tools to provide you with the best solutions.

Close relationships with reinsurers/ reinsurer brokers and insurance companies/brokers

Our close relationship with reinsurance companies/ brokers and insurance companies/agents facilitates access to better coverage agreements, lower prices and improved plans for the parties insured, taking into account the exposure to risk of the logistics and transport operation.

Innovation, development and strategy

Proprietary methodology tools, important investment in technological developments, and customized solutions.

ROI (Return on Investment)

Qualitative and quantitative benefits that all stakeholders in the value chain can directly verify.

Online platforms

Our platforms allow you to access Risk Management information at all times, for you to manage and monitor fleets and cargo, for loss adjustment and for insurance related to the use of a vehicle.

Risk Matrix AssessRisk®

The first risk matrix developed to support the risk assessment and underwriting processes, providing us with a proprietary tool to pinpoint improvement opportunities.


Asset Management Integrated System to centralize vehicle monitoring (+ integrated satellites)

ARM Adjusters Online

100% online risk and document management system, with on-the-spot appointment of an adjuster and immediate communication with the adjuster from the platform itself.


A system to promote a new experience in terms of vehicle insurance. Metricles collects different data about the use of a vehicle.
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