About us

Our History

ARM Services was created in 2010 to offer insurance and logistic companies an innovative risk assessment methodology and provide a value-added service of logistics safety management.

ARM Services partners have extensive experience in risk identification, assessment and management vis-á-vis insurance companies, telematic services, logistics security, remediation and management of hazardous goods.

Since 2010, we have worked with the most important reinsurance and insurance companies, insurance agents, shippers and carriers.

  • Innovative Risk Assessment Methodology

As part of our initial value proposition, ARM Services developed its first proprietary risk matrix (AssessRisk®), which is used as a methodological framework to carry out the assessment of risks arising from transport (general cargo, warehouses, carriers, vehicle fleets, and transport of hazardous goods). The matrix allows us to determine each client’s degree of exposure to risk using numerical and graphic risk indicators.

We have conducted several hundred such risk assessments in LATAM, allowing us to standardize relevant data points related to different economic activities.

  • Operations Centers

ARM Services has operations centers in Argentina and Chile, with operating and technological capabilities that are highly recognized and valued by the most important Reinsurance and Insurance companies, Insurance Agents, Shippers and Carriers.

What we do

We assess the potential risks involved in transport (general cargo operations, warehouse management, transport companies, fleet operation and transportation of hazardous goods) with a proprietary risk matrix (AssessRisk®) and we manage the logistics security of cargo and fleet as required by RMP (Risk Management Programs) and/or VSPs (Vehicle Security Programs).


Minimize the exposure to risk of transport companies by means of a highly qualified team of professionals and the use of the best technology and methodological tools.


To be synonymous of and a referent for risk identification, assessment and management.

Our Strategic Value

A committed, effective and highly qualified team.
Operational excellence, certifying each of the services we provide.
Ongoing learning, training in the best local and international practices.
Value-added services through the use of technology.

 Our Team

Gonzalo A. Delgado Zemborain
Gonzalo A. Delgado ZemborainPartner - ARM Services Director
University Degree (Licenciatura) in Business Administration (Universidad de Morón). MA in Corporate Finance (CEMA) · Graduate Course in Evaluation of Investment Projects. For 9 years, Gonzalo has held managerial and director-level positions in private organizations from different industries, namely, insurance and technology.
Samuel A. Markov
Samuel A. MarkovPartner - ARM Services Director
University Degree (Licenciatura) in Computer Science (Universidad de Belgrano). MBA in Strategic Planning (Economics and International Business School – Universidad de Belgrano). Graduate Courses in Project Management, Service Marketing, Portfolio Management, Stock Market Operations and Negotiations. For 20 years, Samuel has held managerial and director-level positions in private organizations from different industries, namely insurance, banks, financial services, assistance services and technology.
Daniel Boaretto
Daniel BoarettoPartner - ARM Services Director
University Degree (Licenciatura) in Insurance (Universidad de Morón). Claims and Loss Adjuster (National Superintendence of Insurance). Certified by AIRM (Alarys International Risk Management). Daniel has worked as a Technical and Commercial Manager in different private companies offering security services.
Thomas Radmann
Thomas RadmannPartner - Director La sociedad ARM Services Chile S.A.
Specialist in Insurance and Reinsurance. For over 30 years, Thomas has held managerial and director-level positions in private insurance companies, both at the local and at the international level.
Banks and Insurance School, Cologne, Germany / International Reinsurance Academy, Willis & Faber, London UK.
Ariel Almiron
Ariel AlmironPartner - ARM Adjusters Director
Fully Licensed Claim and Loss Adjuster.
More than 15 years of experience in Marine Cargo claim adjustment, leading the local and international risk assessment team in a prominent Argentine firm. He has delivered several courses to leading Insurance Companies and Brokers. Ariel has completed training workshops and seminars with the Argentine Association of Maritime Law, Marss Academy Chile and with the Argentine Association of Surveyors and Claim Adjusters.