Telematics for car insurance

What is Metricles?

Metricles is a comprehensive telematics solution to promote innovative user experiences in terms of car insurance.
  • Metricles collects different data about the use of a vehicle. It gathers, standardizes and interprets data from a wide variety of telematics devices (both fixed and removable) and turns these data into valuable information about the risks a vehicle is exposed to.
  • Telematics represents a unique opportunity to transform car insurance; it allows us to get to know our clients and provide them with an insurance policy that can be customized to their needs.
  • Risk in terms of distance: the general rule indicates that the less a vehicle is used, the lower the risk. Metricles has developed a complex algorithm to measure the kilometers traversed by a vehicle and its impact on carbon footprint.

Why Metricles?

The time is now!

COVID-19 changed mobility patterns; therefore, all associated products and services, such as car insurance, must adapt to this new scenario. In this sense, it also changed consumption patterns, which means sales channels must adapt to new interests.

Metricles perfectly understood the situation. Main characteristics of the solution it offers:

Metricles can read data from any telematics device.
Metricles provides accurate information about the use of a vehicle.
With the app, Metricles reinforces the brand of the players in the value chain by means a user-friendly interface.
The quantity and quality of data available result in unique, customizable products
Metricles facilitates the development of products that can target strategic market segments.
Metricles increases customer satisfaction and brings together clients with similar interests.
Metricles measures the risk in relation to use, i.e. km traversed by the vehicle
Metricles speaks the language of a user concerned about environmental impact.
Metricles is a channel to communicate with new digital users.

App functionalities


Safe login

User / Password / Disclaimer


Look & Feel

Customizable (Client’s brand and institutional colors / Commercial Channel)



  • Choice of vehicle (in the case of fleets)
  • Km traveled during the month (minimum, average and maximum number of km traversed)
  • Km traversed each month
  • Information about the insurance: Insurance provider, policy, broker, term (from / up to), document download (e.g., coverage)
  • Quick-call button (Commercial Channel and/or Insurance Company, broker, mechanical assistance, SAME (Emergency Medical Service in the City of Buenos Aires) 107, 911, others)
  • Carbon footprint: it estimates green driving behavior (preservation of trees), according to type of vehicle (light, medium and heavy-duty), type of fuel (gasoline, diesel oil, hybrid, electric), and number of km traversed.



  • Disconnecting /connecting telematics devices
  • Accidents (when the telematics device has an accelerometer)
  • Excessive speeding
  • Continuous driving time (>5 hours)
  • Ralenti (vehicle stopped with running engine >5´´)
  • Towed vehicle



Km traversed each day. Start of each day, per transit:

  • Beginning/ end time –travel time,
  • Start/end street,
  • Km traveled,
  • Maximum speed,
  • Average speed,
  • Location in map



  • Last position (date and time, speed, condition –moving or idle)
  • LATAM mapping
  • In-out zoom
  • Go to my car



  • Information from odometer at start of the service, expiry date of latest technical inspection certificate, expiry of driver’s license
  • Heat map: risk areas where the vehicle frequently travels
  • Reconstruction of events based on the information stored in the database
  • Web-service: independence regarding the exchange of information
  • API: integration with other value-added factors

Consult us about Metricles capability to generate information from accelerometers (G force: vectors x, y, z), and PIDS (events recorded from the vehicle computer)

User experience – APP: from iOS or Android

It interprets data from any of the hundreds of GPSs that are currently integrated

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