Credibility of claims

What is EyeDetect?

EyeDetect is the world’s fastest, most cost-effective, and accurate solution to verify credibility.

How does EyeDetect work?

  • It uses an infrared optical scanner and complex algorithms to determine a “reliability/credibility score.”
  • When a person lies, the autonomic nervous system produces physiological responses that cannot be controlled.
  • The bigger the lie, the bigger the cognitive load. A person´s eyes reflect the changes in the cognitive load.
  • An optical scanner measures the subtle changes in pupil diameter, eye movement, blinks, fixations and other factors.
  • Participants sit at an EyeDetect station and answer a series of questions on a computer without third-party intervention.
  • The credibility “score” shows the probability that the person was truthful.

Highly accurate

EyeDetect classifies persons as truthful or not truthful with a high degree of accuracy.

Simple to use

The participant reads or hears simple instructions onscreen.


A supervisor can administer up to 12 tests per day with just one EyeDetect station.

Private / confidential

Reports are bound by professional secrecy, and the results are not binding, but are meant to serve as a guide to the investigation.

Incorruptible and unbiased

The participants interact with a computer and the results are encrypted in real time and are tamper-proof.

Flexible and portable

One or more EyeDetect stations can be used at a time. The system is portable enough to carry to a regional or remote office.

Fast results

The test can be completed in just 40 minutes and it generates a report that shows a credibility score.


No cables or sensors are attached to the participant, who answers a series of True/False questions on a computer.

Bank-type security

The system uses the same encryption and physical security features that banks use. Data are encrypted using AES 256 CBC military grade mode of encryption.

EyeDetect is the world’s fastest and most effective solution

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