Risk assessment of cargo transported by land, storage facilities and carriers

The risk assessment of cargo transport and carriers seeks to identify the level of exposure to risk of the goods stored or in transit. The assessment is conducted using a risk matrix developed by ARM Services which shows the level of exposure to risk in case of loss of merchandise through the application of risk weighting factors.

The assessment outlines the characteristics of the operation logistics by analyzing the cargo being transported, the transits, the location of the goods, the vehicles and drivers involved, and the organizational characteristics of the cargo generator and its logistics operator/transport carrier. It also helps us make better informed decisions regarding risk prevention, reduction and control, and it enables us to develop effective Risk Management Programs (RMPs). Risk assessment involves analyzing the security measures required by the insurance companies and redefining them with a view to optimizing resources and the security services provided.

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Stock Throughput (STP)

Our proprietary matrix, AssessRisk®, assesses the exposure to risk in relation to different root causes:

  • Facilities.
  • Stocks.
  • Locations.
  • Organization (operational structure, protocols/processes/procedures).

Additionally, if the risk of cargo in transit is covered, factors such as drivers, carriers, vehicles and transits are also assessed.
Each root case is evaluated in terms of different sources of loss (own damage and/or robbery), and recommendations for improvement are made for each area:

  • Static security: facilities.
  • Logistics Security.
  • Vehicle Security.
  • Satellite and/or physical security.

The assessments help identify and assess the exposure to risk due to fire, smoke, contamination, dents, water, humidity, fall, decay and in general any damage to the product and/or its packaging; also, whenever relevant, the exposure to theft/robbery is also assessed. We conduct all the above by analyzing the risks to which the product may be exposed and recommending measures and/or actions that may mitigate the risks in terms of frequency and/or severity.

Fire or All Operational Risks (Property)

Our proprietary matrix, AssessRisk®, assesses the exposure to risk in relation to different root causes:

  • Risk management.
  • Construction /Facilities.
  • Surroundings/ Location.
  • Vandalism/ Malicious Attacks Protection systems.

Each root case is assessed in terms of different sources of loss (Damages in general and/or due to nature hazards, fire/ machinery/ loss of benefit, theft or robbery/ vandalism/civil liability) and recommendations for improvement are submitted for each area:

  • Maintenance.
  • Safety & Hygiene/ Organization.
  • Equity Security.

Our intervention adds value because we assess the risks, evaluate them and then share recommendations for improvement so that all the parties involved in the potential risk commit themselves to mitigating the exposure to risk. Higher exposure and low frequency risks require the coordination of actions that are only viable in the mid- or long term; in this sense, ARM facilitates the process by sharing valuable information that benefits the parties involved and becomes the basis for long-term relationships.

AssessRisk® Risk Matrix

First risk matrix developed to support risk assessment and underwriting processes. It allows us to pinpoint opportunities for improvement.