What is Metricles?

Metricles is a comprehensive telematics solution to promote innovative user experiences in terms of car insurance

  • Metricles collects different data about the use of a vehicle. It gathers, standardizes and interprets data from a wide variety of telematics devices (both fixed and removable) and turns these data into valuable information about the risk a vehicle is exposed to
  • Telematics represents a unique opportunity to transform car insurance; it allows us to get to know our clients and provide them with an insurance policy that can be customized to their needs.
  • Risk in terms of distance: the general rule indicates that the less a vehicle is used, the lower the risk. Metricles has developed a complex algorithm to measure the kilometers traversed by a vehicle and its impact on the carbon footprint.

The time is now!

  • COVID-19 changed mobility patterns; therefore, all associated products and services, such as car insurance, must adapt to this new scenario. In a way, it also changed consumption patterns, which means sales channels must adapt to new interests
  • Metricles was able to understand the situation. Main characteristics of the solution:
. Independence

Metricles can read data from any telematics device

. Reliability

Metricles provides accurate information about the use of a vehicle

. Brand presence

With the app, Metricles reinforces the brand of the players in the value chain by means a user-friendly interface

. Flexibility

The quantity and quality of data available result in unique, customizable products

. Golden portfolio

Metricles facilitates the development of products that can target strategic market segments

. Lower Turnaround | Increased word-of-mouth

Metricles increases customer satisfaction and brings together clients with similar interests

. Change in risk

At Metricles we work to reinforce the premise that any claim is an event that can be prevented

. Green driving

Metricles speaks the language of a user concerned about environmental impact

. New digital channel

Metricles is a channel to communicate with new digital users

App Functionalities

Consult us about Metricles capability to generate information from accelerometers (G force: vectors x, y, z), and PIDS (Events recorded from the vehicle computer)

User Experience – APP: iOS or Android