What is EyeDetect?

  • EyeDetect is a scientifically-developed lie detector that uses innovative technology to validate a person’s reliability and credibility.
  • It maximizes investment in prevention and management control.
  • It is a “state-of-the-art” tool used in claim audit processes.

EyeDetect is the world’s fastest, most cost-effective and accurate solution to verify credibility.

How does EyeDetect work?

  • It uses an infrared optical scanner and complex algorithms to determine a “reliability/credibility score”.
  • When a person lies, the autonomic nervous system produces physiological responses that cannot be controlled.
  • The bigger the lie, the bigger the cognitive load. A person´s eyes reflect the changes in the cognitive load.
  • An optical scanner measures the subtle changes in pupil diameter, eye movement, blinks, fixations and other things.
  • Participants sit at an EyeDetect station and answer a series of questions on a computer without third-party intervention.
  • The credibility “score” shows the probability that the person was truthful.