Risk Management Programs (RMP)

Security of logistics operations is achieved by defining and implementing security measures that minimize the chances of cargo robbery/theft. ARM Services defines each Risk Management Program specifically for your operation by analyzing the main elements involved in exposure to risk: the cargo being transported, the itinerary, the location of the goods, the vehicles and drivers involved, and the organizational characteristics of the cargo generator and its logistics operator/transport carrier.

ARM Services manages the implementation and control of the security measures determined for each transit process through the use of our proprietary management software, which ensures that all services provided are monitored and recorded.

Security Tools

› Active Monitoring/Online Escort Services

ARM’s operations monitoring central office, which operates 24 x 7, monitors all cargo transportation units with the GPS installed in the vehicles and/or hidden in the goods. This gives us access to the information through our own platform or through a mirror platform by accessing the software belonging to the GPS provider. Additionally, before each transit start point, we conduct functionality tests of the satellite tracking equipment, and in the event of a loss, the proper alerts are activated and our effective goods recovery procedures are set in motion.

Integration with + 60 GPS/satellite tracking companies

› Armed Custody/ Escort Services

ARM Services employs service providers that are authorized to carry and use weapons depending on the jurisdiction. They are the ones that activate the recovery procedure, coordinating the task with different private security services and/or the police forces, with their own personnel and custodial vehicles located at strategic points for rapid verification of potential incidents.

  • Compliance with legal requirements and those established in insurance contracts
  • Efficiency in implementing scorecards
  • Formalized agreements with all our providers; without this entailing risk of joint liability for our clients

› BR4

Exclusive ARM Armored Custody Services. These custody services for goods in transit will change the conventional models offered in the local market, redefining the standards and concepts applied. The service acts as a robust and efficient solution to prevent and protect high risk assets in transit, while offering an optimal cost-service ratio and benefitting both end users and risk takers. For more information click here.

› Recurrence

We employ our own motorized service, by means of which specialists assist our clients in the transit start and stop points (within Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area, AMBA), verifying the location of the custody service units, the condition of the cargo vehicles, the in-transit start and stop points, etc. Moreover, in case of a loss, we can quickly arrive at the site of the incident and work jointly with the recovery services.

  • Use of drones for evidence recognition and collection
  • Use of polygraph tests (lie detector)
  • Leaders in prevention and recovery of stolen cargo.

› Assessment of Drivers

  • Environmental, financial, and employment records, criminal record certificate
  • Satellite tracking functional audit at start point: a mandatory requirement in insurance contracts
  • Efficiency in point-to-point online monitoring/escort in Argentina, Chile and border countries
  • Use of decoys and electronic container locks. We employ sophisticated equipment to verify the correct installation of GPS devices and the performance of override sensors.