Why ARM Adjusters?

  • Reliability: a record of +15 years in claim and loss adjustment.
  • Expertise: specialization in marine cargo.
  • Professionalism: accuracy in the reports aimed at solving potential conflicts.
  • Impartiality and independence
  • Confidentiality
  • Vertical Integration: assessment + prevention + loss adjustment.

Marine Cargo Services

› Loss Adjusting

Description of the facts, origin of the damages, quantifying the loss and adjusting the loss against the T&C established in the policy.

› Claims Management or TPA (Third-Party Administrator)

Reception of claims report, appointment of surveyor (generally at the final destination), who is responsible for describing the facts, determining the origin or cause of the damage and quantifying the loss. The adjustment against the T&C of the policy may or may not be performed by ARM Adjusters.

› Loss Prevention

Pleasure crafts or vessels/ ship launching/ hoisting/ docking/ packaging/ lashing operations, control of cargo/ unloading and/or special goods/ consolidated containers/ goods and pre-shipping inspections.

› Specialization

  • Dangerous Goods, Annex “S” (General Regulations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods), Tech. Resol. ST195 (Technical Standards on Land Transport of Dangerous Goods. UN Recommendations).
  • Cargo transport – physical and electronic custody; company’s own investigations team
  • Proprietary crime map.

ARM Adjusters Online

100% online risk and document management system, with on-the-spot appointment of an adjuster and immediate communication with the adjuster from the platform itself.